The concept of Ayurveda Panchakarma

The name Panchakarma comes from two Sanskrit words: Panch, meaning “Five,” and Karma means “Action.” The name incorporates the core of the treatment: the five actions or procedures which ayurveda uses to purify the body of everything foreign to it. Each procedure addresses a specific doshic imbalance and the ama which forms as a result.

Ayurveda uses two main modalities in the treatment of disease, each with its own distinct purpose: Shaman and Shodhan. Each form of disease management has its own appropriateness depending on the patient, the time and the nature and stage of the illness.

Shaman therapy is used to palliate or manage the symptoms of disease, whereas Shodhan therapy is used to eliminate the cause of disease. In Shodhan, literally meaning “to go away”, the body is rid of ama and mala and restores balance to the Doshas. It pulls the weeds out by the roots. It is considered superior to Shaman because it not only removes the symptoms of disease but also eliminates their cause.



Panchakarma Packages

You may select any suitable package.

The Centre provides different packages for panchakarma. Each package has its own speciality.

No Duration Description Get Your Package
1 3 days For mild relaxation, the Centre offers a 3 Day package programme with one sitting per day:- Day 1 – 3 Whole body massage and steam once a day Get Your Package
2 5 days For moderate relaxation, the Centre offers a 5 Day package programme with two sittings per day: Get Your Package
3 7 days For mild to moderate cleaning/ curing /detoxifying the body Get Your Package
4 10 days For mild to moderate cleaning/ curing /detoxifying the body Get Your Package
5 14 days For mild to moderate cleaning/ curing /detoxifying the body Get Your Package
6 21 days For mild to moderate cleaning/ curing /detoxifying the body Get Your Package
7 28 days For mild to moderate rejuvenation of the body, Get Your Package
8 40 days For mild to moderate rejuvenation of the body, Get Your Package
9 45 days For mild to moderate rejuvenation of the body, Get Your Package

Additional facilities provided outside the package

  • Consultations: fee is INR 100 (Those patients who will go under Panchakarma treatment, consultation fee will be free for them).


  1. Only registered candidates for a Panchakarma therapy package are expected to use the canteen facility
  2. Persons registered with Ayurveda for individual or localised therapy on a daily basis, interested in using the canteen facility for Ayurveda food need to pay the fixed food charges.
  3. Smoking in the canteen is strictly prohibited
  4. Tea & coffee are not available in the canteen
  5. Timings:
    • Herbal tea – 7.00 To 7.30 am
    • Breakfast – 8.00 To 9.00 am
    • Lunch -12.00 To 1.00 pm
    • Dinner – 6.00 To 7.00 pm

The importance of silence while eating

During the panchakarma programme specific food is served in the cantine. It is of utmost importance to keep silence while eating, because of the following reasons:

  1. Talking while eating will reduce saliva and increase dryness in the mouth. This condition will cause improper digestion, and lead to increase of ‘Ama’ (endo-toxin) in the body;
  2. The biggest energy source for the appropriate survival of the physical body is FOOD;
  3. If conversing while eating, it is obvious that the mind will remain connected with other issues rather than the food that is being eaten. Therefore, the right nourishment that should be absorbed from the eating process does not take place;
  4. According to Ayurveda philosophy, talking while eating is strongly indicative of disrespect of the ‘Anna’ (food).


  1. Before starting the treatment it is necessary to deposit the payment in the account office
  2. For 1 – 3 day treatments or single treatments without package, payment will be deposited at the reception counter just after the consultation.
  3. Payment may be deposited in other currency also e.g. Euro, Dollar etc.


  1. Initial registration is necessary; Registration and renewal fee is INR 20;
  2. Outside India a passport is required for registration
  3. After registration you will be requested to contact the Doctor for initial complete consultation
  4. A treatment plan will be decided on the basis of individual doshik status, health condition , body capacity and disease chronicity
  5. If there is free space in the panchakarma schedule, treatment may start on the same day of consultation
  6. After finalising of the consultation and treatment plan you will be requested to deposit the required amount of money in the account office
  7. Days of the package will count from the first date of treatment
  8. During the treatment package you will not be allowed to go on any journey
  9. Before admission you will be advised for necessary blood and other pathological investigations
  10. If you are on a package then you will be requested to take food only from the ayurveda canteen
  11. If you are only taking some individual treatments you are free to take food from anywhere
  12. If you are already on medication, you should bring your advised medicines and medical records along with you
  13. Always bring with you the following items for the panchakarma therapy:
    • one towel
    • your own set of fresh underclothes (these items will be carried back daily by you personally for cleaning)

Appendix Patrapottali massage



These bundles are prepared by mixing and steaming of fresh leaves, garlic, salt medicated oil etc. putting in a peace of cloth and giving a shape of bundle
T his treatment is highly recommended for reducing Vata and Kapha aggravation
This is a synchronize (4 hand) whole body massage

In this treatment bundle are heated (bearable to the body) with medicated oil then applied to the body accompanied by massage
Body gets enough heat during the treatment therefore steaming is not indicated after this massage Pattra means leaves, Pottali means bundle (cloth packs), thus the literal meaning of Pattrapottali massage is a massage with the bundle (cloth packs) of fresh leaves


  • Osteo-arthritis
  • Traumatic arthritis
  • Muscular sprain
  • Tendonitis
  • Bursitis
  • Joints stiffness
  • Inflammation
  • Neurological disease
  • Muscular atrophy
  • Paralysis
  • Obesity
  • Joints pain
  • Excess Kapha and other Vata and Kapha disorders
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Duration of treatment – One hour

Udwartanam (powder massage)


Various medicinal powders are used according to the body constitution and illness

Massage in the counter direction to the natural growth of hairs on the body is called Udavartanam

This is an effective treatment to reduce Kapha


  • To reduces excess fat in the body
  • To balances Kapha and Vata dosha
  • To improves body complexion
  • To promotes skin texture
  • To cures itching sensation
  • Duration of treatment- 1 1/2 hour
  • Duration of course- 5 to 10 days



According to Ayurveda philosophy, talking while eating is strongly indicative of disrespect of the Anna (food).
In this treatment massage is given below the neck with oil or herbal powder

This is a specialized massage to mobilize accumulated fat and to open the fine channels under the skin.

Kati Vasti and Kati-Prishti Vasti


A special massage which covers head, face, hands and feet

Mainly advised during internal snehan (ghee treatment) or during menstrual cycle

By giving massage and pressure to the energy centers, the energy flow is quickly regularized in the body

It not only gives immediate relief from stress and tension but stimulates subtle channels to release toxins

Duration of treatment- 30 to 45 minute


  • To release the tension
  • To facilitate Internal snehan
  • To reduce stress
  • To balance the Dosha during menstrual cycle
  • To relax the body and mind after a tiring journey

Akshitarpanam (Eye treatment)




  • Remove blockage
  • Remove dryness
  • Control senile degeneration

Akshi means Eye and Tarpan means offering; thus a literal meaning of Akshitarpan is a gentle pouring or offering of medicated ghee into the eyes

It is a unique process to eliminate excess Dosha from Eyes

In this procedure both eyes are filled with medicated ghee

This treatment strengthens this most vital sense organ and improves visual capacity

And it protects the eyes from degeneration due to aging and improves the eyesight

Duration- 30 to 45 minutes

Karnpooranam (Ear treatment)



Karn means ear and Pooran means Pouring. So the literal meaning of Karnpooran is pouring of medicated oil, ghee or decoction in the ear is called karnpooran

Ear is a vital sense organ which plays an important role in balancing the body

Karnpooran is one of the treatments to balance the Dosha above neck region

Use of medicated oil or ghee for treatment depends upon individual dosha condition

Duration- 30 to 45 minutes



Shir means head and Dhara means continuous flow

A continuous flow of medicated oil, decoction, butter milk or milk above head is called Shirodhara

Any one of these selected items are poured slowly from a distance (approximately 5 to 6 inches) above the forehead

From a fixed distance in a constant oscillating motion on a set temperature pouring of medicated liquid above forehead produces a wave of energy which relaxes the higher center of brain and thus calm down the mind

This treatment is meant for mental purification

Balanced mind balance the body

Pizchil (oil bath)



Pizichil is a special Abhyanga (massage) procedure

In this process warm medicated oil is squeezed over the body of the patient from a piece of cloth, which is frequently dipped in a more viscous oil

Nearly 4 to 5 litres of oil is used to perform one massage

3 to 5 therapists performed this procedure

This is a soft but intensive procedure

Effect goes on a deeper level of Dhatus (tissue level) and balance all the three Dosha (Vata, Pitta and Kapha)

In case of severe imbalance of Vata, this procedure might be a choice of treatment

Solar Plexus treatment



The strong throbbing under the navel centre may shift upwards or downwards

This shift may be due to lifting of excess weight, severe gas trouble, sudden jerk, or any sudden movement of the body

In such cases the throbbing will not remain centered in the navel centre, but will be felt somewhere around and about the navel area

The upward shift of the solar plexus may lead to constipation

The downward shift may lead to diarrhea

These symptoms cannot be cured by medication

If these problems persist, the digestive system may be damaged and may require surgery, leading even to cancer. One of the causes of colon cancer (lower and greater part of the large intestine) is constant and chronic constipation. In such cases the solar plexus has moved upwards

Solar Plexus is like the mainspring of a watch. Unless it is set right, a particular treatment may not give the desired results